For the past few weeks, it seems that I am gradually moving into different life style. When I was still doing my course, it is almost impossible to spend time on the weekend to catch up with friends, walking around city and trying new stuff. Everytime my friend invited me to hang out with them I always said that I need to finish my assignments.

I remember one of my friend just asked me this question “So, what you usually do during the weekend ?” and I answered “Nothing, just doing my assigments and other stuff”. He looked surprised with my answer and he added “Don’t you have any friends that invited you out ?”. At that time, I realized that he must be feel pity and I said to him “At first, you might feel that your life is unfair. You will think that why everyone can enjoy their life during the weekend and you trapped here working on your assigments. But, as the time goes you start to get used to it”.

So for the past few months, I have been doing the same routine. Working and attending the class during the weekdays, working on assignments with my group mate during the weekend. Sometimes, I felt stress and tired but believe me, that was the most meaningful moment in my life. During that time, I definitely know what I am going to do everyday and somehow I feel more motivated.

The problem with my current life style is I have more control on what I can do during my free time. I can decide that I can go to cinema, buy clothes, trying this new restaurant or just spending whole day watching YouTube. However, I started to feel that this path is leading me to different direction. The direction that I might regret in the future.

That is why I decided to start writing more blog posts about my life experience. I believe writing blog post can help you refocus on what you should do.

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