Precise Pangolin

After spending whole day moving all my data from Ubuntu partition, I am officially running Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit. Prior to this, I was using Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit which I continuously upgrade from Ubuntu 10.04 ( it’s been 2 years since I decided to use Ubuntu as my main operating system, time flew so fast ). It was running really slow as I have a lot of applications installed ( Rails, Django, Android SDK, Eclipse, Netbeans, etc ).

Basically I am happy with my new “fresh” installation of Ubuntu. Everything seems to run 3-4 faster than before. Booting time only takes around 20 secs from 1-2 minutes, Sublime Text fired up as soon as I clicked it and Chrome jumping smoothly like kangaroo. However, I just realize that I forgot to back up my Thunderbird email account ( damn!). Before, I set up my Thunderbird email account in POP which means that it will delete all the emails in the server. So now I am losing 17 months of emails archive which I have to explain to my boss soon.

So here are my applications line up for my “fresh” OS : * Email Client : Thunderbird. * IDE Text Editor : Sublime Text 2 and Vim. * Web Server : Apache ( I was considering using Nginx, however it will take too much time rewriting all the .htaccess rule into Nginx configuration. I can’t afford that ). * Web Browser : Chrome. * Source Control : Git and SVN. * Music Player : Rhythm box ( stay with default ). * Coming soon…

Next stop ? Installing Windows 7 64 bit and VirtualBox.

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