Cake Bunny website now using twitter bootstrap!

Today, I spent couple hours to update my Cake Bunny 1.0 and Cake Bunny 2.0 websites. Cake Bunny is CakePHP website that I built to provide live demo for CakePHP tutorials in mt blog. At the moment, it has only two sample demos ( jQuery UI AutoComplete and jQuery UI AutoComplete Redirect).

I decided to make over the design using Twitter Bootstrap instead of CakePHP default template. For you guys that haven’t try twitter bootstrap yet, I suggest you give it a try. It has a lot of components inside it and provide you with basic layout ( pretty much similar with other CSS frameworks such as blueprint, 960, etc ).

And another great feature of twitter bootstrap is that you can build mobile friendly website by using what it called responsive design. Basically, it using Javascript to detect the browser that user using and will change certain elements to follow the user browser.

Click here to find out more about Twitter Bootstrap!

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