Holiday has arrived

Today is the last day of my exams and I will have holiday for 3 months. It’s quite long considering that you spent the same amount of time for study as well. That means in one semester you will have 3 months study and another 3 months for holiday. From my perspective, it’s not efficient, wasting time and of course wasting money :D. But who am I to judge the system, the system is there for a reason which I don’t care much.

So what is my plan for holiday ? not sure, I was planning to go back to Indonesia but looks like I am gonna trapped here with a bunch of works to do. I wish I can surprise my girlfriend by I suddenly appear at her rented room and let her hug me tightly like in the movies but looks like that impossible to happen at the moment. I hope she can understand ( I know she can’t :( ).

By the way, I have a number of tasks that need to be done during this break. First thing is to renew my passport which will be expired in January 2012. Without this passport, I can’t go back to Indonesia because you need to have passport that expired more than 6 months if you are planning to go overseas. That’s what I have been told, not sure whether it’s true or not. It cost around 40$ to get a new passport, not too expensive considering the living cost in here is far different from Indonesia ( 40$ is just like 200k in Indonesian rupiah ).

The second thing is to find new place to stay that closer to my university. My current place is not bad at all considering I have lived there for almost 1 year, quite comfortable with the people that live there and it’s just around 20-30 minutes walk from my university. But, I think it’s better if I can find a place that nearer to my university and of course cheaper :D

The third one and the final one is to complete pending projects that have been waiting for months. Most of them are fun projects which I created to learn new technology. Fascinating, but the reality is not easy as it looks especially because I am well-known for being undisciplined and unmotivated person.

That’s all my story for this month, still need to write a blog post for last month :D

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