Photo Box

Photo Box / Photo Booth is a booth( usually ) that is used to take photo. This PB ( Photo Box ) is very popular in Indonesia especially for teenagers and couples. One of the factors that make it so popular is because people can find it in almost all shopping malls. In Indonesia, shopping malls have become a major part for urban people. Some research found that shopping malls are well-known as the center of entertainments, shopping, and place to socialize among people in Indonesia. The role of photo box in this phenomenon is as one of the entertainment that shopping malls offer. Teenagers or couples who are wanted to monumentalize their moment together are likely to be the loyal customers.

Another factor is because it is easy to use PB and people can get result instantly. They do not need to bring camera, charge the battery, bring the memory stick. They just need to sit down ( or not ), make some pose, push the button and the photos are there. So that are two factors that I could think why photo box become so popular in Indonesia.

One type of photo booth : Photo Booth

In January 2010, my girlfriend asked me to take some pictures using photo box. At that time I think that is a stupid idea and not important. But I think that’s mean a lot to my girlfriend. My girlfriend must be very feel envy when she sees other couples that have so many photos together. She must be feel embarrassed every time people asked her about her picture with her boyfriend because she does not have any. I am sorry that I am too shy to take photos with you, sorry that you have a stupid boyfriend that does not realize small things that can make you happy.

Happy White Day ! ( sorry again because I am late )

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