Hello World !

It’s already the end of January and I haven’t posted anything yet this month. Thus I have to write something today after postponing it for days. For the last few weeks I was trying to adapt with new atmosphere. The feel is almost the same when I was moving to Jakarta from Pekanbaru, because basically moving to another place mean that you have to leave your comfort zone to another war zone.

When moved to Jakarta, I was a spoiled child, I was so scared because I have to take care all by myself. Still this time it’s different. I have lived in Jakarta for 5 years, far away from my family, taking care almost all the things by myself and have a girlfriend ? All of that, unconsciously, has helped me in adapting with lifestyle at here.

So what I have done for the last few weeks ? about 3 weeks ago I went to Sydney Opera House. The scenery is quite good because it’s located near coast. Here are some photos that I took.

I am also went to my first meetup, Sydney Javascript. At first, I didn’t want to go but the place is very close to my apartment so I decided to give it a try. When arrived there, I feel a little bit awkward. Not just because that was my first meetup but as far as I could see, I am the only ASIAN in there. Fortunately, in the end I met 3 asian people, one from Philippines, one from China and the other one I forgot to ask :P

Overall the meetup is very interesting. I got free pizza, free beers and also I realise that my english need improvements a lot. I don’t know if that because of the beers but when people in the meetup started debating, I barely understand what they are talking about. I could hear some of the words, but to understand the overall meaning ? none.

And for the last, yesterday I went to Baltimore Park near Central Station to watch some Chinese New Years festival. In the festival, there are several stands from selling toys, foods, drinks, etc. Also there is a stage for performances like singing and dancing. If you are curious I’ll upload the photos tomorrow and that’s all for this month :D

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