Redcar : Textmate alike editor

It’s been a long time since the last time I am using e-texteditor as my primary text editor ( e-texteditor is a textmate alike editor for Windows ). And because I decided to use Linux, I have to find another editor and now I ended up using Eclipse. In Linux, obviously, there are several text editor but the features doesn’t fit my needs.

But now there is a new text editor that written in Ruby and runs on JRuby and it’s features are inspired by Textmate : Redcar. Actually, I already tried to use redcar last year and at that time the features are not as complete as now.

You can follow the development through it’s github repository. The author Dan, is very active and looks like he commit often :)

As far as I tested, the bundles support is good enough in compare with e-texteditor ( I am using version 0.5.1 ) and bundles is the top reason why I like using Textmate-alike editor. Looking forward to use it as my primary text editor in Linux.

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