Bookmark with Delicious

Have you ever heard about delicious ? no no, it’s not foods that are delicious but this Delicious.

Delicious is a web application that allows to do the online bookmarking. If you say online that’s mean it’s not saved in your computer / laptop / server maybe. So if sometime you need to access your bookmark, you don’t have to open your computer or digging your old harddisk, just grab your friend’s computer, login to your Delicious and open the bookmark.

And what I like is it has the plugin for Firefox. It works just like the normal bookmark in Firefox ( using the same shortcut ctrl+D ) and it will automatically synchronize with the server. With that feature, if you bookmarked a website in your home computer, when you go to the office in the next morning and running Firefox at your office’s computer, the Delicious plugin will update all the bookmarks in your office’s computer. Surely it will happen vice versa.

The concept itself is simple, but the effect is so great. This online bookmark makes me don’t have to worry losing my bookmark in the future.

But just one thing that I think is missing. It doesn’t provides you with the capability to grouping the bookmarks. Actually it has, through tagging. But I want something more like a folder, so I can put something that are important to some special folder. But overall the current features already fulfill my needs at the moment. ( I don’t know if I have 1000 bookmark ) :D

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